Embark on a journey within

A sound bath with gongs and Tibetan singing bowls is a very soothing and efficient holistic approach to healing and consciousness transformation.

Sound is heard not only by the ear, but also by the entire body at a cellular level. The harmonics or overtones created by the instruments are so great that the left-brain surrenders, unable to analyze and classify the myriads of tones.

The creative and intuitive right brain takes over, lessening the influence of the Ego and eventually yielding breakthroughs moments.


A sound bath generally happens in a group setting and preferably indoors.

Most often participants lie on a mat with accessories conducive to relaxation and comfort: socks, blankets, pillows, an eye pillow, etc.

Participants are invited to breath, surrender and experience while the instruments are played mostly from one designated space in the room.

Each person will experience a sound bath differently in a very personal and profound way. It greatly depends on one's openness to receive and journey with the sound.

A session can last from 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

A sound bath can be held at your home, a yoga studio, community center, or any indoor venue with sufficient space. It's wonderful way to celebrate a birthday, bless a building or house, conclude a yoga class or promote healing within the context of a retreat.


  • Induce synaesthesia or blending of the senses
  • Deepen relaxation
  • Revitalize the nervous and immune systems
  • Detoxify at a cellular level
  • Increase vitality
  • Clear some subconscious patterns, emotional traumas
  • Allow for deeper meditation, astral travel …
  • Alter consciousness

“Sound will be the medicine of the future.”

Edgar Cayce


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